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Certified Technology Specialist
An AV Industry Certification

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The CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is an ANSI accredited AV industry certification issued by InfoComm International. The CTS certification is offered at a general and a specialized level.

General CTS

The general level of certification is the CTS designation with no modifier added. This certification required a demonstrated knowledge of the general pro AV industry and is a requirement to attain the more advanced specialized certifications.

Specialized CTS

The specialized CTS certifications are advanced forms of the CTS that required more experience and a more in-depth demonstration of knowledge of a particular activity in pro AV. The the two primary specialized CTS offerings are CTS-D for AV design, and CTS-I for AV installation. These certifications are either already ANSI accredited or currently in the process.

For more information on CTS, visit the InfoComm Certification web page. You can verify an individual's certification at the the InfoComm CTS Search site.



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